Electronic Payments

OmniAir has already published the back office standard EPSNIS and currently has a team of members ensuring that our back office standards are up to date.

Connected Vehicles

OmniAir and OCS developed the programs and qualified devices for the US DOT’s Safety Pilot. OCS looks forward to connected vehicle device certifications as the market for connected vehicles develops.


OmniAir’s OCS has certified several types of 6C tolling equipment and OmniAir is currently working on developing certification programs for other tolling protocols and working on testing protocols for National Interoperability.

Commercial Vehicles

MAP-21 requires commercial vehicles to have certified on-board electronic recording equipment. OCS will work with the commercial vehicle industry to certify Electronic On Board Recorders.


As the market for Intelligent Transportation Systems grows, OCS plans to certify applications across all four of the other hardware groups mentioned on the page.