Global Plugfest

September 28, 2020 12:00 am

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OmniAir Plugfest events have taken place internationally, with events in San Francisco, California, Detroit, Michigan, College Station, Texas, Québec, Canada, and Málaga, Spain! Although the last five Plugfests have spanned the globe, this is the first genuinely Global Plugfest!

OmniAir is excited to announce that it has reimagined our highly successful connected vehicle testing event. Our guests will not have to travel to a single region for extensive conformance and interoperability testing. This year, we have set up testing hubs, strategically placed around the world. Our hybrid testing has a combination of live testing with virtual witnessing for C-V2X and DSRC devices at each hub.

What’s new?

For the first time, we are opening testing to our partner organization members, including the 5GAA and ITS-Korea. There are also two active testing hubs each week for over three weeks.

V2X device makers will have the opportunity to have their units tested at each hub, by OmniAir, OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratories, OmniAir Qualified Test Equipment and OmniAir member test equipment providers.

  • Week 1 (September 28 – October 2) –Málaga, Spain and Austin, Texas
  • Week 2 (October 5-8) – Seoul, Korea
  • Week 3 (October 12-16) – Detroit, Michigan and San Diego, California
What is the Primary Focus of the Plugfest?
The primary objective of the Global Plugfest is to evaluate our alpha set of test cases developed for OmniAir’s C-V2X certification program for roadside-units (RSU) and onboard-units (OBU). OmniAir members have developed over 120 new test cases for C-V2X devices.
What are the New C-V2X Test Cases?
  • 3GPP PHY (28)
  • J3161/1 Radio (10)
  • Applications (~10)
  • SCMS & Sec Certs (4)
  • 1609.2 Sec (31)
  • 1609.3 NS (26/10)
  • J2735 WSMs (6/10)
  • J2945/1 BSMs (14)
  • RSU 4.1 & SNMP (35)
  • OBU: Drive Test (10)
  • OBU: Loc Accy (15)
For more information about test stations or sponsorship, please contact Ryan Hall, OmniAir’s Sr. Director of Marketing & Business Development