Tolling Certification Lunch and Learn

June 19, 2018 11:00 am

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On June 19, OmniAir Consortium will hold a “Lunch and Learn” to learn about OmniAir’s 6C certification program. The event, hosted by MET Laboratories at their Santa Clara, CA facility, will be open to tolling agencies and OmniAir Members.

The event is intended to educate California tolling agencies and other important stakeholders about OmniAir’s Open Road Tolling certification program.

The State of California’s Office of Administrative Law has issued a notice of approval of regulatory changes for the adoption of the ISO 18000-63 (more commonly known as “6C”) electronic toll collection protocol on all California Toll Roads throughout the state by January 1, 2019.

“OmniAir Consortium, the Global Leader in RFID Tolling and Connected Vehicle Certification, is poised to assist agencies responsible for operating California’s tolled bridges, roads, and express lanes make the transition to 6C technology for toll collection,” said Jason Conley, Executive Director for OmniAir.

Since 2012, OmniAir Consortium has offered a certification program for 6C tags and readers. OmniAir’s program offers independent, third-party testing and certification of tolling devices with an emphasis on conformance and interoperability.

Ted Osinski of MET Labs commented, “OmniAir tolling certification is a rigorous process that should give agencies confidence that OmniAir Certified 6C transponders and readers will interoperate.”

The event will feature presentations from MET Laboratories, Metropolitan Transportation Commission / Bay Area Toll Authority (MTC/BATA), and OmniAir Consortium staff, followed by a tour of test laboratory facilities. Space is limited. For more information, or to RSVP, please contact OmniAir’s Ryan Hall at