OmniAir Michigan  Plugfest 

June 14 -18 

The OmniAir Michigan Plugfest is the premiere readiness testing event for connected vehicle technologies, bringing together V2X Device Manufacturers, Test Laboratories, and Test Tool Providers from around the world to test in a cooperative environment. 

The event will follow a hybrid meeting format allowing for limited in-person gathering, in addition to device testing through virtual witnessing via video platform. V2X device makers unable to attend in-person will have the option to ship their device(s) and experience device testing through virtual witnessing or to arrange a consultation to discuss results.  This format will allow for greater participation while adhering to current recommended safety guidelines. 

OmniAir Consortium and its event partners are committed to supporting a safe experience.  The health and safety of all event participants is our top priority.

Like all Plugfest events, this event will be cooperative, and open to all OmniAir members.

The OmniAir Michigan Plugfest is a week-long testing event with a focus on cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) testing. 

The primary objective of the Michigan Plugfest is to evaluate the readiness of V2X devices and test tools based off of our Release 1 test cases developed for OmniAir’s C-V2X certification program, the world’s first, for roadside-units (RSU) and onboard-units (OBU).  

This year’s event will feature a combination of remote and in-person testing. Bench and conformance testing will take place at our host facility in Novi, Michigan at Danlaw. 

Field interoperability and applications testing will take place at the Mcity Test Facility in Ann Arbor.  

OmniAir technical staff and participating OmniAir Authorized Test Lab (OATL) personnel, along with a combination of test equipment provided by OmniAir member companies, will perform tests for our members and strategic partners. V2X device makers unable to attend in-person will have the option to  ship their device and experience device testing through virtual witnessing via video platform, or arrange a consultation to discuss results. 

The OmniAir Michigan Plugfest will offer the following testing for conformance, interoperability, and security in both lab and field environments.

  • Radio testing for LTE-V2X (C-V2X PC5)
  • Upper Layer Conformance testing against OmniAir specifications for LTE-V2X (C-V2X PC5)
  • BSM Performance & Location Accuracy Testing for DSRC (upon advance request) and LTE-V2X (C-V2X PC5)
  • BSM Application Drive Comparison Testing for LTE-V2X (C-V2X PC5) 
  • SCMS Security Certificate Testing and Multi-source Certificate Interoperability Testing

Contact  Ryan Hall, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development or visit our Eventbrite page to register as a test station or device under test. 

There are two active testing areas:

Bench and Conformance June 14, 15, and 16 

Danlaw – Plugfest Host
41211 Vincenti Ct, Novi, MI 48375

Field and Applications
June 17, and 18

2905 Baxter Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48109


How can I upload the Global Plugfest Security Certificates?

Only those participating in the Michigan Plugfest will be given access to the temporary security certificates that will be utilized during the event. Plugfest security certificates will not be provided to OmniAir members who have not purchased a testing ticket. Once your ticket has been purchased, instructions will be forwarded to the email address provided on Eventbrite. Registrants may also contact Ryan Hall, Senior Director – Business Development for downloading instructions at


How can I upload the new test cases and TCIv3 for my C-V2X device?

OmniAir members have access to both the Release 1 test cases and TCIv3 on the members only section of the OmniAir website.

Non-OmniAir members wanting to participate in testing are encouraged to contact Ryan Hall, Senior Director – Business Development for consideration. 

OmniAir’s members have developed the first comprehensive set of test cases for LTE-V2X (C-V2X PC5) radios, based on industry standards. These include new test cases for On-Board Units (OBU) and Roadside Units (RSUs). Many test cases are based on existing test specifications for OmniAir’s existing certification program for DSRC-V2X radios.

OmniAir is also offering application testing for the first time. 

OmniAir C-V2X Test Cases are Based on the Following Standards:

  • 3GPP 36-521 & 36-523 Radio Transmissions & Receptions
  • SAE J3161/1:2020 OBU LTE-V2X Communications
  • IEEE 1609.2:2017, 2a & 2b:2019 Security Services
  • IEEE 1609.2.1(CAMP):2020 SCMS & Certificates
  • IEEE 1609.3:2020 Network Services
  • IEEE 1609.4:2016 Multi-Channel Operations
  • SAE J2735 Message Decoding
  • SAE J2945/1:2020 V2V Minimum Performance
  • SAE J2945/1 & /1A:2020 BSM Checklist Driving Test
  • SAE J2945/1A:2020 BSM Min. Performance & Location Accuracy Field Testing
  • SAE J2735 SPAT per 783-OA-TSS&TP-SPAT
  • SAE J2735 MAP per 782-OA-TSS&TP-MAP

  OmniAir DSRC Test Cases: 

  • 802.11p PHY 
  • SCMS & Sec Certs 
  • 1609.2 Sec 
  • 1609.3 NS 
  • 1609.4 MC 
  • J2735 WSMs
  • J2945/1 BSMs RSU 4.1 & SNMP
  • OBU: Drive Test
  • OBU: Loc Accy

Interested in sponsoring? OmniAir offers several attractive sponsorship packages. Click the box below to view  listed opportunities or contact Ryan Hall for more information.  


Shipping instructions will be provided to participants upon completion of event registration.  Instructions will be determined based on testing needs and desired testing location. Please plan to have all devices arrive at your desired testing location at least one week prior to the scheduled start of testing.  For RSU makers planning to have their device installed at the Mcity facility, there will be two dates dedicated to install ahead of the event. 

Recommended device arrival times:

  • Danlaw: Monday, June 7 
  • Mcity: TBD 

For more information, please contact Ryan Hall, Senior Director – Marketing & Business Development.

In case you might need a visa to travel to the United States, please send your request of invitation letter for visa application to Jason Conley with the following information. A visa invitation letter will be sent to you via email and hard copy if needed.


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First name


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Passport Number


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Expected Entry Date


Expected Leaving Date


Payment in full of all fees is due upon registration. All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges for any reason. OmniAir will apply your paid registration to a future event if the event is postponed or cancelled.

The health and safety of event participants and staff are our top priority. Detailed guidelines will be published ahead of the event. Attendees are encouraged to refer to this site for updates or contact OmniAir staff with any questions or concerns.

Everyone in attendance is expected to comply with all posted health and safety requirements.

Please ensure that you have reviewed any advisories or restrictions that may be in place for travel to the United States and for travel to Michigan. Please visit, Oakland County Health Division (Novi), and Washtenaw County Health Department(Ann Arbor) for more information.

Please be advised that a risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any event or public space, including OmniAir Michigan Plugfest. Prior to purchasing a ticket for and attending OmniAir Michigan Plugfest, please be sure that you have read the latest CDC Guidelines for Prevention.