OmniAir is proud to announce our newest member Veniam, which has developed a platform to move terabytes of data between vehicles and the cloud.

Veniam’s core business is focused on creating mesh networks of connected vehicles capable of transmitting and receiving massive amounts of data, utilizing a multi-network approach (4G LTE, DSRC, Wi-Fi, and V2X Multi-Hop), smart local data management and low-latency applications.

Over the last four years, Veniam deployed and is operating mesh networks of connected vehicles in Porto, Singapore, and New York.

Their work has expanded coverage and created a more dependable wireless network that gathers data for a myriad of smart city applications.

“The ability to seamlessly connect and transmit data between vehicles, infrastructure, and pedestrians is the key component to ensure public and government support of fully autonomous vehicles on our roads, said Jason Conley,  Executive Director for OmniAir Consortium. “We are excited to partner with firms like Veniam whose approach supports enhanced public safety benefits and smart city initiatives while balancing the needs of the free market to monetize the technology by running their systems over a more robust and reliable network.”

Autonomous vehicles are coming much faster than anyone imagined. BMW announced it will debut a fully autonomous car in 2021, while Tesla says they will do the same by the end of 2017. These vehicles will be incredibly data hungry, consuming up to 4,000 GBs per day. One thing is clear: the current mobile internet infrastructure is not ready for this new and impending data tsunami.

Veniam combines the deployment of very low-latency and high-speed connectivity and smart city services in a new “Internet of moving things” concept. Through this service, connected urban vehicle fleets become agents of a meshed connected network deployed in real time across cities, extending Internet access and enabling the collection and real-time analysis of environmental data from connected sensors. Orange Digital Ventures, alongside Verizon Ventures and Cisco, participated in a 25 million-dollar fund raising round, thanks to which Veniam will be able to expand its vision worldwide, after leading the implementation of the first mesh networks of connected vehicles in Porto, Singapore and New York.

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