OmniAir Consortium®, the leading industry association promoting interoperability for ITS, tolling, and connected vehicles has set an ambitious agenda for the New Year, with the launch of new certification programs and projects.

With 2023 expected to be a pivotal year for V2X deployment, OmniAir® is focused on supporting the C-V2X ecosystem through testing and certification.

OmniAir is the global authority and only company to offer a comprehensive (full-stack) certification program for C-V2X. This certification includes on-board units (OBUs), roadside units (RSUs), and C-V2X modules.

OmniAir certification also extends to the tolling industry and is launching a new multi-protocol tolling program in the coming months. Under development for the past two years, this new program helps to support the long-sought goal of national toll interoperability.

2023 Priorities 

1. Expand C-V2X certification offerings for the global market, growing OmniAir’s network of authorized test laboratories and field test sites.

2. Launch the world’s first multi-protocol tolling certification program for RFID tolling tags, and readers, supporting the long-sought goal of “national toll interoperability.”

3. Host two OmniAir Plugfests, along with a program of technical workshops and webinars to help advance the state of practice.

4. Build on the success of our V2X application testing and develop a new certification program for V2V and V2I safety applications.

5. Update certification offerings for RSUs, addressing new standards and evolving technologies.

6. Upgrade security testing, building on collaboration with SCMS Manager, and 1609.2.1 testing.

7. Develop certification solutions for emerging payment technologies, including road usage charging and mobile tolling.

To participate in each of these activities, you must be an OmniAir Member. To learn more about OmniAir Membership benefits, please contact Ryan Hall, Vice President, Business Development, or visit our website and apply today.

About OmniAir Consortium
OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for ITS, tolling, and connected vehicles. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions, and independent test laboratories. Learn more about OmniAir at

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