The initial Tolling and Emerging Payment Technologies Working Group meeting took place last week and had a strong showing with representatives from E-Zpass, GeoToll, MET Labs, AECOM, Kapsch, TransCore, Spirent, and Carma. The meeting led by Ted Osinski of MET Labs, acting chair, focused on several goals established by the committee.


  • The development of strategies, testing and certification requirements and recommendations for facilitating conformance and interoperability among transportation agencies.
  • Provide inputs and guidance on OmniAir’s tolling certification program and begin promoting the benefits of tolling certification to the industry.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations on best tolling practices and new technologies.
  • Evaluate emerging payment technologies such as road user charging and blockchain technology.

The group also began looking at short and long-term objectives.

Short-term Objectives

  • Adopt CVCA Program Structure for RFID Tolling
  • Review CVCA support forms (application agreement, checklist, audit)
  • Enhance single protocol test plan, test cases, test procedures, report templates
  • Develop an industry multiprotocol certification criteria and procedures
  • Develop qualified test tools criteria
  • Develop authorized test laboratories criteria
  • Develop outreach promotion

Long-term Objectives

  • Investigate and evaluate Transportation Payment Technologies such as road user charging, blockchain, V2X and other applications

It is not too late to help shape the focus and direction of the working group and help develop answers to inquiries received concerning mutli-protocol reader certification and how does OmniAir assess? How does the reader prioritize the protocols and how can it be tested? Is there a standard way of testing, or do we have to rely on specific reader implementation? Should there be interference tests and if so, how do you test for it? These are just a few items this group will be working to solve. If you would like to contribute to this working group, contact Kate Oldham, OmniAir’s Director of Member Services at

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