Reservations for Certification Testing for C-V2X Devices and Dual-Use RSUs

C-V2x and dual-use certification reservations

OmniAir is taking advanced reservations for C-V2X and dual-use certification testing. OmniAir anticipates C-V2X, and dual-use testing will begin in October 2020. For those applying for the dual-use program, dual-use does not mean dual operating mode. Only one protocol will be operating upon boot-up.

However, both protocols must be certified and tested in the same housing to earn dual-use certification.

The certification application fee for the dual-use certification program is $21,000. A 50 percent advance deposit is required to secure your reservation, with the balance due before the certification’s findings review.

For those interested in C-V2X testing only, the fee is $10,500. This fee must be paid in its entirety to secure the advanced reservation.

The launch of the dual-use and C-V2X certification program is in anticipation of the growing demand for dual-use and C-V2X devices in North America. Advanced reservation Applicants will receive priority status once the certification program is launched. All Applicants will receive a letter from OmniAir confirming their device(s) have either entered the dual-use or C-V2X certification testing process.