Below are some questions that OmniAir frequently answers. Please call if you have any other questions.

What is OmniAir?

OmniAir is a non -profit trade association which promotes the concept of certification for intelligent transportation. OmniAir members also contribute to the certification requirements that OCS accredited labs test.

Who joins OmniAir?

OmniAir welcomes anyone who will contribute to the mission of the organization. We have members in three general categories – public agencies, equipment providers and integrators, labs.

What is OCS?

OCS stands for OmniAir Certification Services. This is a sister organization of OmniAir which has a separate Board of Directors comprised entirely of independent testing organizations or agencies. OCS accredits labs for tests and also approves tests done under a certification program and ultimately provides the certification stamp to the item being tested.

How does certification work?

Generally, a deploying agency will require certification of equipment.  The equipment provider should reach out to OmniAir/OCS and we will provide a list of accredited labs from which the equipment provider can chose to employ to execute the certification.

OmniAir OCS Graphics

What do I need to join?

Please fill out the membership application and we will get back to you right away.

How do I certify my equipment?

Please reach out to OmniAir and we will provide a list of labs accredited to execute the certification program appropriate for you.

What is the difference between OmniAir Certification and US DOT Pilot Certification?

US DOT is creating a certification program specifically for the US DOT Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployments.  This program will not extend past the US DOT Pilot Deployment as such, but its elements will be include into a larger certification program developed by OmniAir members.  Below is a diagram that describes that relationship.