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Membership Benefits

OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification in connected vehicles, ITS, and transportation payment systems. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions, independent test labs, test equipment/software providers, cybersecurity experts, engineering firms, tolling agencies, and ITS deployment organizations, all sharing a common theme of conformance and interoperability for transportation technologies. We provide the opportunity for members to work collaboratively to develop and decide on requirements for national certification programs. Members have the ability to shape the future of ITS and IoT technologies.

  • Opportunity to become an OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory, Qualified Test Equipment provider, and have your device marked OmniAir Certified
  • Discounted registration and sponsorship fees for workshops, roundtables, and Plugfests
  • Assist OmniAir in shaping the future of connected vehicle and tolling interoperability
  • Participate in working groups and committees that are developing requirements and technical specifications:
    • Certification Policy
    • Automotive Cybersecurity
    • Connected Vehicle Certification
    • Tolling Certification
    • Emerging Technologies
  • Monthly membership briefings and networking opportunities with leaders from tolling authorities, transportation agencies, technology experts, and key government officials
  • Bi-weekly newsletter featuring information on the latest ITS industry news, regulations, and business intelligence
  • Access to members’-only section of OmniAir website

Membership by Industry

service type

45 % Device and Software Manufacturing
21 % Research Intuitions
16 % Transportation Agencies and Toll Authorities
10 % Transportation Engineering and Consulting
8 % Test Labs

plan type

47 % Executive Membership
51 % Assoicate Membership
2 % Affiliate Membership

Membership Documents

Before You Join, Review the Following Governing Documents:

Membership Agreement

Privacy Policy

Intelectual Property Policy


Articles of Incorporation

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Associate Membership

Associate Members are the technical foundation of OmniAir committees and play the important role of helping to shape and design the certification programs and products and ensuring that the results reflect a true balance of perspectives and experience.

They are critical to maintaining the Consortium as the leading provider of certification services to the industry. Associate Members may also chair Committees.

Join us

$7,500 / year Private Sector

$5,000 / year Public Sector

Executive Membership

Executive Members are the managing directors of OmniAir and oversee the strategic development of the Consortium, its committees, and certification programs and services.

They serve on the Board of Directors, approve final protocols created by the technical committees, and dedicate their organizations’ experts to support OmniAir’s mission. The Executive Member level is the only level where members can be elected to serve as an officer or director.

Join us

$15,000 / year Private Sector

$11,000 / year Public Sector

Sustaining Partner Membership

The benefits of joining as a Sustaining Partner include all the benefits of Executive membership plus:

  • Unlimited device certification applications, including reference devices
  • Unlimited test equipment qualifications
  • Unlimited test laboratory authorizations
  • Unlimited field test site authorizations
  • No fees for re-certifications, re-labeling, or variants
  • Two complimentary tickets to all OmniAir workshops and webinars
  • One device testing or test station ticket (four attendees, two devices) per Plugfest

Join us

$30,000 / year