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OmniAir was founded in 2004 to advance the deployment of standards-based, interoperable wireless transport technologies that improve mobility, safety and efficiency on our ground transportation networks. Only those test laboratories, equipment and tool providers, devices and systems that pass our rigorous certification programs can carry the OmniAir Certification Mark.



OmniAir develops certification programs for any technology requested by a user group. This includes developing multi‐protocol testing programs. The goal of certification is to ensure that OmniAir certified devices and systems are interoperable and perform according to requirements established by user groups. Devices must pass a series of rigorous tests to obtain certification.

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Connected Vehicle

The OmniAir Certification program for connected vehicles devices allows members to measure compliance and ensure interoperability among products and services that support OmniAir specifications. Companies completing certification may display the OmniAir® Certified logo to demonstrate to consumers, customers and partners that they have created a high‐quality, interoperable device that is known to work with other OmniAir certified devices.

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Only OmniAir Consortium members will be eligible to serve as an OmniAir Authorized Test Lab (OATL). OATL’s follow ISO standards for lab auditing and accreditation. An authorized, independent lab must use OmniAir qualified test equipment, systems and test tools to ensure accuracy and consistency of test results. In addition, an OATL has to prove it can accommodate the protocol and test, and verify user requirements of the technology. After testing is complete, the results are reviewed by the Technical Director. The Technical Director then grants (or denies) the applicant the certification awards for the submitted device.

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Qualified Test

OmniAir will assess and qualify test equipment, systems and test tools used in industry. Only those items that undergo our rigorous investigation become an OmniAir Qualified Test Equipment (OQTE) product and are eligible for use by our Authorized Test Laboratories for the purpose of device certification.

Upon completion of the testing, it must be approved by the OmniAir Technical Director and is identified on the Qualified Test Equipment List.

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OmniAir Certification Services

Device Certification Services (C-V2X, DSRC, or RFID)

Apply for Device Certification

OmniAir Laboratory Authorization

Apply for Lab Authorization

Test Equipment Qualification

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Field Test Site Authorization

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2023 Certification Services Fee Schedule

Certification Services

Device Certification $11,500
Multi-Protocol Certification $33,000
Lab Authorization $22,000
Test Equipment Qualification $14,000
Field Test Site Authorization $16,000
Module Certification $5,000
Recertification, Requalification, Reauthorization 50% of original fee

  • All Certification Services fees waived for OmniAir Sustaining Partners. To learn about how you can upgrade you OmniAir membership level to Sustaining Partner, please email
  • Certification Services are ONLY Available to OmniAir Members.
  • Must Remain OmniAir Member in Good Standing to Maintain Certification

Directory of Certified Products

In addition to earning the right to bear the OmniAir Certification mark, certified products are listed in our directory, the trusted source for conformance and interoperable certified devices. This online, database allows you to search by product line, certification type, or manufacturer/model (version).

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