FAQ page

Are there OmniAir authorized test laboratories and test tools? Can my company get on the list?

Authorized test laboratories are listed on the OmniAir Connected Vehicle Certification Program website (https://omniair.org/certification-program/), along with instructions for applying to be an authorized test laboratory.

Are we required to attend Plugfests? How often will Plugfests be held?

The OmniAir Consortium holds Plugfests several times each year.

Members can find Plugfest dates on the OmniAir website.

At this time, Plugfests are optional but considers them essential to conformance and interoperability readiness.

The OmniAir Consortium recommends that you attend Plugfests to evaluate your product with other DSRC-enabled devices.

Are we required to certify our company's products?

Certification is optional, but you cannot claim that a product is OmniAir-compliant if you do not complete the certification for that product.

Even if other products from your company are certified, the OmniAir Consortium strongly recommends that every connected vehicle product go through certification testing, because the Certification Program certifies products, not companies.

Does certification mean that DSRC-enabled connected vehicle devices will work together?

A certified device must comply with OmniAir Consortium’s specifications, which ensures a level of conformity and interoperability among devices per requirements defined.

OmniAir certified devices can communicate basic safety messages, but it would be almost impossible to say every DSRC-enabled devices not certified by OmniAir are conforming and interoperable.

OmniAir Consortium encourages device makers to test their products for conforming and interoperability readiness before certification by participating in OmniAir’s industry plugfests.

How will customers know that my company has certified products?

Certified products may use the OmniAir Certification Mark on product packaging, instructional materials, and websites.

What Does the OmniAir Certification Mark Mean?

The Certification Mark shows that a product has achieved OmniAir Connected Vehicle certification.

After your product is certified, the OmniAir Certification Mark can be used at your discretion on product packaging, websites, sales materials, manuals, etc. to add credibility to your product and its promotion.

What is the purpose of the Connected Vehicle Certification Program?

The OmniAir Certification Program provides consistency in the behavior of other DSRC-enabled devices by confirming that products conform to the OmniAir’s process (test procedures derived from Connected Vehicle’s requirements and standards). It offers conformance and increased assurance that OmniAir-certified products conform with other OmniAir-certified devices.

What mark may I show on the device?

You may use any of the OmniAir Certification Marks from full color, grayscale, or reversed.

What's in the current Connected Vehicle Certification Program? What will be included in the future?

Today, the OmniAir Connected Vehicle Certification Program includes testing for 5.9 GHz DSRC-enabled devices OBU, RSU, Modules, software stakes and test systems.

Test specifications cover IEEE 802.11, IEEE 1609.3, IEEE 1609.4, SAE J2945/1 and upcoming IEEE 1609.2 security/certificates. In the future, the OmniAir Consortium will add certifications of other emerging technologies for transportation communications connectivity.

When does the Certification Program start and what are the costs?

The OmniAir Connected Vehicle Certification Program will begin later 2017. You can find membership information and a list of fees for the OmniAir Certification Program on the OmniAir Consortium website (https://omniair.org/certification-program).

Who can certify a product against the OmniAir Connected Vehicle Certification Program?

OmniAir Consortium members will have access to this conformance/certification process to activity certify products.

We are offering existing and new members the opportunity to have the first OmniAir-certified products.

Why Should We Certify Our Company's Connected Vehicle Products? What benefits will my company get from certification?

Benefits of product certification include:

  • Listing your product on the certified product register on the public OmniAir Consortium website
  • Third party testing and validation test reports and documentation from an accredited test laboratory
  • Increased assurance that your product will interoperate with other OmniAir-certified devices in the non-competitive environment
  • Applicant’s certified samples used in the on-going validation process
  • Federal, State and Local agencies are requiring device certification in their request for proposals
  • Differentiation of your products from uncertified products, offering a potential commercial advantage
  • Ability to display the OmniAir Consortium Certification Mark on your website, sales material, and packaging