Product Certification Application Page

The following form is to be used by interested device developers, manufacturers and vendors (“Applicants”) desiring to obtain certification of their product(s) pursuant to OmniAir’s Connected Vehicle Certification Assessment Program or to OmniAir’s Road Tolling Certification Assessment Program. If accepted and approved for certification, Applicants will then provide sample device(s) to an OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory (OATL), which has been approved to conduct the necessary testing for certification.

A completed application is to be submitted along with payment of all applicable Certification Fees as well as a signed Certification Agreement. Your Request for Product Certification will NOT be accepted and processed unless and until the Certification Fees are paid and the signed Product Certification Agreement has been provided to OmniAir. A separate Request for Product Certification is to be submitted for EACH candidate device along with the applicable certification fees for that device. Certification fees are non-refundable. Applicants will also be asked to enter into a separate contract with the selected OATL for the testing itself and to pay the test laboratory’s fees for these services.

ALL Applicants seeking certification must either be members in good standing of OmniAir or have an application for membership pending at the time device certification is sought. In addition, Applicants are requested to provide certain additional technical information in support of its application (as appropriate) including:

• Executed Product Certification Agreement
• Verification of payment of OmniAir Application Fee
• Completed Product Capabilities Questionnaire and any Appropriate Check Lists
• Product Data / Specification Sheet &/or Overview
• Product User Manual (Laboratory)
• Operating / Installation Instructions (Laboratory)
• Internal and External Pictures of Product and Labeling / Branding Identifiers
• Hardware, Firmware & Application Software versions under Revision Control
• Product Samples for Inspection, Validation and Repository (Laboratory)
• Evidence of FCC Testing, Certification and FCC ID number, if available
• Evidence of Environmental or other applicable certifications, if available
• Evidence of ISO 19001, ISO/TS 16949 or other quality management system to support certification
surveillance, if available

OmniAir’s Technical Director may contact the Applicant at any time for additional technical information.

The OmniAir Technical Director, Randy Roebuck, is available to answer technical questions. He may be contacted at (202) 656-9791 or Non-technical questions should be directed to the OmniAir Executive Director, Jason Conley, at (202) 503-1421 or

Thank you for your interest in the Connected Vehicle Conformity Assessment Program and certification for your product(s).