Our value to members

We provide the opportunity for members to work collaboratively to develop and vote on requirements for national certification programs. Members have the opportunity to shape the future of tolling, connected vehicles and ITS technologies.

Members work with industry leaders and transportation professionals to accelerate interoperability.

Who we are

OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for connected vehicles, ITS, and transportation payment systems. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions, and independent test labs.

our members

Members include Connected Vehicle, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Road Tolling technology device manufacturers, ITS deployers, testing laboratories and other stakeholders, all promoting the proliferation of certified, interoperable devices.

what we do

We provide the opportunity for members to work collaboratively to develop and determine the requirements for national certification programs. Members have the opportunity to shape the future of ITS and IoT technologies and members work with industry leaders and transportation
professionals to accelerate their interoperability.


our staff


Executive Director

Jason M. Conley serves as the Executive Director for OmniAir Consortium , Inc.
C: 202-441-9313


Director of Marketing and Communications

Ryan Hall serves as the Marketing and Communications Director for OmniAir Consortium, Inc.
C: 202-744-6480


Association Services Manager

Kathy Janac serves as the Association Services Manager for OmniAir Consortium, Inc.
C: 703-298-5038


Director of Technology and Certifications

Randal (Randy) Roebuck serves as the Director of Technology and Certifications for OmniAir Consortium, Inc.
C: 202-656-9791

Certification Working Group

Certification Working Group - The Certification Working Group (CWG) develops OmniAir policy manuals and documents detailing the purpose, scope, process, and instructions associated with the operation of certification services and programs. When OmniAir establishes a new certification program, the CWG initiates and authors the program manuals and documents based on internationally recognized certification body and quality standards. The CWG meets every two weeks to working together in a collaborative on-line meeting. Please contact the CWG chair with questions or if you wish to join.

Kendra Pridemore



Kendra Pridemore is a Business Development Manager based in the Metro Detroit area for UL’s Consumer Technology Division. Her focus is expanding Connected Vehicle and automotive wireless communication solutions across UL’s global footprint. She is a member of SAE and actively involved with several industry consortia affiliated with connected and autonomous vehicles, ITS, automotive Ethernet, telecommunications and wireless connectivity at the working/task group level

Emerging Technologies working group

The Emerging Technology Working Group - (ETWG) collaborates with other members and is responsible for identifying, assessing, and maturing emerging technology that may become a major component of OmniAir’s ITS business strategy. Our primary focus is to provide insight on high-potential technologies to accelerate awareness and adoption. Current projects and activities within the ETWG include Blockchain and automotive cybersecurity.

Jason JonMichael



Jason JonMichael has more than two decades of specialized experience in transportation technology, assisting transportation agencies solve their most complex technology challenges. His areas of expertise include Connected Vehicle technology, intelligent transportation systems, tolling, transit and enterprise information technology. He regularly provides insights and advice to industry-related non-profit boards, councils, committees and other organizations. Having lost his father to an avoidable traffic accident in a construction zone in 1979, Jason has devoted his life to improving transportation safety through technology.

Tim Baker

MTA Bridges and Tunnels


Tim Baker is an Assistant Vice President at MTA Bridges and Tunnels and leads its Strategics Initiatives Group, which helps ensure that the agency is prepared for the challenges and opportunities of rapidly changing technology in intelligent transportation and toll systems. MTA Bridges and Tunnels has a dual role of operating and maintaining key transportation links (seven bridges and two tunnels) and financially supporting the mass transit system of the New York City metropolitan region, and is the largest toll collector in the United States. He is a strong proponent for improving performance and reducing costs of technology by establishing open technical standards.

Technical Working Group

Technical Working Group - OmniAir’s Technical Working Group (TWG) are volunteer members focused on developing a technical strategy for the OmniAir Connected Vehicle Certification program. The TWG is defining certification scope, device profiles, templates for technical reports and other technical topics. The group meets once every two weeks via a conference call. Please contact the TWG chair with questions or if you wish to join.

Dmriti Khijniak



Dmitri Khijniak has been supporting automotive industry for over 15 years and involved with 5.9GHz DSRC technology for the last 10 years. At 7layers, Dmitri is the program manager for the USDOT Connected Vehicle Certification project and leads development of testing and certification program supporting technology deployments for the USDOT Connected Vehicle Pilots. At OmniAir, Dmitri chairs the OmniAir Technical Working Group and is a member of the Certification Review Board.