Thought-leaders Present and Attended OmniAir’s Automotive Cybersecurity Luncheon

On May 31, OmniAir Consortium hosted the first in a series of policy roundtables focused on automotive cybersecurity issues. This event, sponsored by CYMOTIVE Technologies, was hosted at the City Club of Washington, DC.

Officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation, including Cem Haitpoglu from NHTSA and Kevin Gay from the ITS Joint Program Office, briefed participants on current federal research efforts to address cybersecurity issues associated with Connected and Automated Vehicle technologies.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Chris Poulin directed a focused conversation of key technical and policy issues that also included Integrity Security Services’ David Sequino emphasizing the need for industry-driven certification programs and voluntary guidelines.

The 2.5-hour panel discussion had significant audience participation. “No presentations, no audio-visual, no media, no distractions just a hollow-square seating configuration, filled with industry leaders who encouraged interaction and discussion said event panelist, David Sequino. “I was surprised at the level of participation, and free flowing discussions that took place and I look forward to participating in future panels.”

Leading security, technology, and automotive experts actively participated in the discussion. They included representatives from Consumer Technology Association, CompTIA, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, GW Center for Cyber & Homeland Security, 3M, UL, MET Labs, CYMOTIVE, Monument Policy Group, Catalyst Partners, and the U.S.-Israel Transportation Innovation Center, among others.

“We hosted an intimate roundtable bringing together leading government officials and experts in automotive cybersecurity, said Jason Conley, Executive Director at OmniAir. “The conversation about ongoing government research and industry efforts to ensure the security of V2X and AV technologies was eye-opening. OmniAir intends to address the cybersecurity issue head-on, as we develop our certification programs.”

OmniAir plans on hosting several more roundtable discussions throughout the year. Our inaugural event was made possible through a paid sponsored by CYMOTIVE Technologies, a cybersecurity firm based in Israel. If you would like to sponsor an event, participate on the panel or have topics you would like covered; please contact Ryan Hall, OmniAir’s director of marketing and communications.

OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for connected vehicles, ITS, and transportation payment systems. To learn more about OmniAir, visit our website at

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