Tarvos UHF RFID Multi-Protocol Integrated Reader



Product certificate

Issue Date:                       Monday, August 2, 2021

Certification Mark:         RFID-6C SPD Tolling with Certification Number

Certificate Number:        2021080201

Applicant and Title:         Star Systems International, Ltd.

Model Name:                   Tarvos High-Performance Integrated UHF RFID Multi-Protocol Reader

Model Part Number:      HRD27000     Revision:    HW R05/08 SW 2.0

Certification Type:          Open Road Tolling  RFID-6C v1.0 Conformance & Interoperability (Single Protocol State)

Test Laboratory:               Eurofins METLabs – Baltimore, MD (OATL RFID-6C Tolling 2012070101)

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