Motor City Plugfest

May 07, 2018 11:00 am

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OmniAir’s spring V2X Plugfest in Detroit, Michigan. Intertek is hosting The Motor City Plugfest at their Plymouth, MI facility May 7-11. In addition to bench testing with Intertek, field testing will take place at the American Center for Mobility’s Willow Run test track.

What to Expect

The week starts off with a policy workshop featuring guest speakers from the automotive, technology, security and transportation sectors; followed by a welcome reception.

Bench testing at Intertek will be conducted in separate spaces allowing device makers and test providers a higher level of privacy. There will be individual test sessions, group interoperability, and parallel learning sessions.

Field Testing at the American Center for Mobility’s site comes with a number of desirable features Plugfest participants will appreciate including double overpasses, a railroad crossing, and a highway loop to test at sustained highway speeds. Testing can occur during all four seasons, day and night, in sun, rain, ice, and snow.

There are a few new test procedures for you and those that are close to certification.

SAE J2945.1 V-V BSMs Minimum Performance
Message Interoperability
High precision location based testing
SCMS Testing

Hardened Release 1 test procedures that will help you get that much closer to certification.
IEEE 802.11p Physical Layer
IEEE 1609.2 Security/Certificates
IEEE 1609.3 Network (including WSA)
IEEE 1609.4 Multi-Channel Operations