The Ray Executive Director, Allie Kelly, joins the OmniAir Michigan Plugfest Connected Vehicle Technical Workshop as the featured keynote speaker, Wednesday, June 16.

For those not familiar, The Ray is a movement, a proving ground for the evolving ideas and technologies that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future. Like its namesake, Ray C. Anderson, The Ray is guided by a principle of asking one simple question: ‘What if?’.

That question, and the answers to which it led, changed the world, igniting a global movement toward sustainable business practice and proving that a better way is possible. By innovating from the ground up, The Ray creates a corridor that reconnects and restores us, paving the way to a safer and more prosperous future for all. 

Through their many partnerships, The Ray is sparking change within the transportation industry.

One such collaboration is with OmniAir members, City of Austin and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) and their partner, the Texas Department of Transportation. 

“Central Texas is a dynamic growing community with a tech-based economy and a highly educated workforce. The community expects government entities like TxDOT, the City of Austin and CTRMA to use new technology and innovative strategies to enhance mobility, protect the environment, improve quality of life and increase economic opportunity,” said Allie Kelly, Executive Director, The Ray.  

That collaboration is focused on facilitating, executing, promoting, and building real innovative projects that prioritize road safety, improve infrastructure resiliency, and protect and restore the environment. These projects include, but are not limited to, connected autonomous vehicle infrastructure, solar-powered photovoltaic electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations, and in-road dynamic wireless EV charging. 

OmniAir and all of our members and partners participating in the comprehensive field and bench testing during the Michigan Plugfest have a shared goal of protecting the public and the environment through innovative technologies. 

Participation in the workshop is free!  We hope you can join us next week as we are excited for our guests to hear and learn from our newest partner, The Ray. 



About The Ray
The Ray is a proving ground for the evolving ideas and technologies that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future with the mission to build a zero carbon, zero waste, zero death highway system. It begins with the 18-mile stretch of interstate named in memory of Ray C. Anderson (1934-2011), a Georgia native who became a captain of industry and was recognized as a leader in green business when he challenged his company, Interface, Inc., to pursue a zero environmental footprint. Chaired by Ray’s daughter Harriet Langford, The Ray is an epiphany of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Learn more at 


About OmniAir Consortium 
OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for ITS, tolling, and connected vehicles. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions, and independent test laboratories. Learn more about OmniAir at 


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