On Tuesday, December 5, 2017, the State of California’s Office of Administrative Law has issued a notice of approval of regulatory changes for the adoption of the ISO 18000-63 (more commonly known as “6C”) electronic toll collection protocol on all toll roads throughout the state.

“OmniAir Consortium the Global Leader in RFID Tolling and Connected Vehicle Certification is poised to assist California’s 14 agencies responsible for operating California’s tolled bridges, roads, and express lanes make the transition to 6C technology for toll collection, said Jason Conley, Executive Director for OmniAir.  “Purchasing agents for each organization can be assured that the 6C equipment carrying the OmniAir Certification Mark are interoperable, and will work throughout the state. Only those devices with an OmniAir Certified Mark have been third-party verified and have passed a series of rigorous tests to obtain certification.”

The OmniAir Consortium Certification program for 6C has been in use since 2012. If your device requires certification for deployment, in California or other states and you have not already submitted your application for OmniAir’s independent, third-party testing and certification program you may want to do so soon. Our authorized laboratory is expected to receive multiple applications, and test slots will fill up quickly to meet the demand caused by California’s regulatory changes.

Device manufacturers that are OmniAir members in good standing are eligible for certification. Click the membership application link if you are not a member or contact Ryan Hall at rhall@omniair.org  for additional details.




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