OmniAir Consortium® is launching a new program to assess field testing facilities, specialized in the testing of connected vehicle and tolling technologies.

This new OmniAir® Authorized Field Test Site (OFATS) Program will designate field test sites that have been audited and approved for conducting field testing as part of OmniAir’s certification programs for RFID tolling, C-V2X, or DSRC-V2X devices, applications, and equipped vehicles.

This new program is intended to complement OmniAir’s existing global network of wireless test laboratories authorized for OmniAir certification testing under the OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory (OATL) program. OmniAir test laboratories will now be able to partner with designated field test sites to complete any field testing required for OmniAir Certification.

OmniAir Authorized Field Test Sites will undergo a rigorous on-site audit, to ensure that its facilities, personnel, and operations meet OmniAir’s rigorous requirements. Field test sites that successfully complete the product will be able to partner with OATLs on certification testing, will be designated on the OmniAir website, and will bear the OmniAir Certified® mark.

“We are excited to expand OmniAir’s Certification Services to include trusted field test facilities for connected vehicle and tolling testing,” said Jason Conley, Executive Director of OmniAir. “This new program will provide OmniAir members with more options, and will allow us to expand our certification programs into new areas, including V2X safety applications, and road-user charging.”

Field test facilities authorized under this new program will be expected to provide consistent field test site operations for test laboratories and device manufacturers, ensuring test repeatability providing another layer of integrity for our programs. Members can access the Authorized Field Test Site Program document 746 OA-FTS-V1 on the Member Only portal.

Benefits of the OAFTS Program include:

  • Providing consistent Field Test Site options for Test Laboratories and Device Manufacturer(s)
  • Resolving lack of Field-Testing options at Test Laboratories
  • Addressing Single & Multi-protocol Testing Conflicts of Interest Issues
  • Leveraging Connectivity (Communications) Testing with Automated Vehicle Testing
  • Sites are listed on OmniAir’s Website
  • Limited Inclusionield-Testing options at Test Laboratories

OmniAir’s goal is to have authorized field sites perform field testing for OmniAir’s V2X and Tolling certification programs. As each device type has a unique set of testing requirements field sites must be qualified for each device type independently.

Participating field sites will be eligible to work with OATLs to perform certification testing to ensure interoperability and conformance to industry standards.

For more information about the program, please contact Ryan Hall, Senior Director of Business Development, or apply online.

About OmniAir Consortium                                      

OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for ITS, tolling, and Connected Vehicles. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions, and independent test laboratories. Learn more about OmniAir at

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