DETROIT, May 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — OmniAir Consortium certified Commsignia’s Smart City 4th generation ITS-OB4 (On Board Unit). While there are many DSRC-V2X products on the market, Commsignia is the only one in the world to gain certification through OmniAir’s commercial, connected vehicle certification conformance program.

“Commsignia officially leads the pack in V2X device communications,” said Jason Conley, Executive Director for OmniAir Consortium. “This major milestone proves V2X devices are capable of passing OmniAir’s rigorous certification release 1, program focused on delivering trusted communication devices. While other groups in the ITS world are in their initial stages of forming a V2X Taskforce to discuss national interoperability for connected and autonomous vehicles, OmniAir and our members are years ahead and are delivering results today.”

OmniAir and its members have worked collaboratively with transportation stakeholders to develop testing conformance requirements and procedures for both tolling and V2X Connected Vehicle markets. OmniAir’s certification program provides third-party qualified accredited laboratory testing and validation of DSRC-based V2X devices and test tools.

“Interoperable, secure and trusted devices are needed to ensure the global expansion of the DSRC-based V2X connected vehicle industry,” commented Andras Takacs, Commsignia Chief Product Officer. “Commsignia is proud to have collaborated with OmniAir and 7layers, an OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory, to release the world’s first certified DSRC-based V2X device. Our plan is to extend certification to our C-V2X based devices later as well.”

This program delivers another level of assurance to Tier-1 suppliers, automotive OEMs, and local, state and federal departments of transportation looking to deploy V2X technology. In a growing market, it is critical to ensure customers have a positive experience with their first DSRC-V2X deployments. There are two choices, go with an unknown product or go with one that earned an OmniAir Certification Mark that proves that the device conforms to industry protocol standards and specifications.

“Automotive OEMs, Tier-1s, smart cities, and governments are investing heavily in V2X Communications technology, including the USDOT funded pilot in Tampa where Commsignia is a key supplier,” said Steve Novosad, OmniAir Consortium Chair and Associate Vice President at HNTB Corporation. “These end users or deployers of V2X technology want to use proven technology and certified devices, which separates marketing hype from performance.”

Connected vehicles allow for the wireless exchange of information between connected vehicles and infrastructure, even in non-line-of-sight situations such as blind corners, bad weather, and poor lighting conditions. V2X connectivity provides the information to enable safer driving, thereby helping to prevent accidents, reduce congestion, and lower emissions through optimized mobility and traffic coordination. Third-party certification for conformance and interoperability of V2X devices are a necessary step, for the public and our elected officials to fully embrace connected and autonomous vehicles.

For further information, please contact:

Ryan Hall, Tel: +1 202 744 6480

Andras Takacs, Tel : +1 408 758 1720

About OmniAir:

OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification in ITS, tolling, IoT technologies and connected vehicles. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions and independent test laboratories. Learn more about OmniAir at

About Commsignia:

Commsignia ( is the market’s most dynamic V2X company thanks to its cutting-edge technology and market ready portfolio. Commsignia specializes in Connected Car / V2X “Safer on the Road” software and hardware products compatible with IEEE 802.11p standards and DSRC and future Cellular V2X (C-V2X) / 5G technologies. Commsignia is helping to build the next generation autonomous car and smart mobility ecosystem that will make driving safer whilst reducing congestion and lowering emissions. Commsignia supplies best-in-class V2X (Car2X) Communication Software, hybrid V2X /ADAS Applications with robust PKI and SCMS security, a V2X SDK as well as OnBoard (OBU) and Roadside Units (RSU) for connected car and Smart City deployments.

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