PlugFest by the Bay 2017 – Certificate Instructions

Instructions for Obtaining Enrollment and Pseudonym Certificates for the OmniAir PlugFest in October 2017
Version 1.1


INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS), Inc., is supplying test Enrollment Certificates and Pseudonym Certificates to End
Entity OBU and RSU devices participating in OmniAir’s PlugFest this October. A key objective of this PlugFest is to
verify the ability of an End Entity (EE) to obtain these certificates from the SCMS using the CAMP-defined

To receive V2X certificates for OmniAir PlugFest End Entity (EE) companies must:
1. Register on the ISS V2X website ( ) to obtain access to test certificates.

2. Implement the CAMP-specified EE-to-SCMS message protocol and subsequent SCMS responses
The Enrollment Certificate Signing Request (SignedEeEnrollmentCertRequest) and subsequent SCMS
Response (SignedEeEnrollmentCertResponse) is found at:
(see Line 600 & 613). Note: if your implementation does not support the SignedEeEnrollmentCertResponse,
we will return the components themselves in separate files as
enrollment.oer and enrollment.s.

3. Issue commands to obtain an Enrollment Certificate and email to ISS will respond by
email with the SCMS enrollment response information (Enrollment Certificate, enrollment reconstruction
value, local certificate chain file and local policy file, etc).

4. Once an Enrollment Certificate is obtained, a Pseudonym Certificate request can be made directly to the ISS
Certificate Management Service. This request and the subsequent SCMS Response may be found at the same
URL, line 709 (SignedPseudonymCertProvisioningRequest) and the response is Line 715

If your EE doesn’t implement these protocols, ISS still can provide you with test bundles containing private keys,
public keys and associated pseudonym certificates using the same process as last May’s PlugFest at SwRI. Details
on this process may be found in the FAQ on the website once you have registered for PlugFest test certificates at .

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