In many ways, 2017 was a year of firsts for OmniAir Consortium®. We launched the world’s first DSRC-V2X Certification Program. We announced our first OmniAir Qualified Test Equipment, and the first OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory for V2X.

In October, we held the first ever OmniAir Connected Vehicle Plugfest in Silicon Valley and our first Connected Vehicle Workshop in San Francisco. We ended the year with a very successful Annual Meeting at New York City, featuring expert speakers in V2X, tolling, road user charging, and the sharing economy.

Over the past year, OmniAir’s membership has grown by over 45%–with the addition of technology leaders such as Qualcomm, NXP, LG Electronics, Delphi, DENSO, SiriusXM, Siemens, AECOM, and many more.

2018 promises to be an even more exciting year, with ample opportunity for members to get engaged! Here are just a few ways to take advantage of your membership:

This month, we will complete testing on our first OmniAir Certified DSRC-V2X devices. OmniAir Consortium offers RFID-tolling and DSRC-V2X device certification only to members.

Also in January, we will launch OmniAir’s Cybersecurity Working Group. This Working Group will be responsible for developing requirements and specifications for device security testing, for incorporation into OmniAir’s certification programs.

OmniAir’s Certification and Technical Working Groups continue to meet on a bi-weekly basis, and are focused on developing specifications for DSRC-V2X Release 2, as well as updating OmniAir’s policies on certification, recertification, and lab authorization. Members are encouraged to participate.

Planning is already underway for OmniAir’s Motor City Plugfest, scheduled for the week of May 7.  This V2X Plugfest, hosted by OmniAir member Intertek at their facilities in Plymouth, MI, will offer improvements from our first Plugfest, including increased number conformance testing sessions, more space, better connectivity, more interoperability testing, and extensive field testing. Participation will be exclusive to OmniAir members.

Throughout the course of the year, OmniAir is planning a series of workshops, webinars, and outreach opportunities to help our members stay on top of the latest regulatory and technical developments impacting your organization.

To learn more about how you can become more involved, and or how your organization can get the most out of its OmniAir membership, please contact Jason Conley, Executive Director, OmniAir Consortium at

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