Certification is a partnership between the device maker and OmniAir. The manufacturer applies to OmniAir first by selecting the device category, Connect Vehicle Certification or Tolling Certification and fills out a form that describes the device, system or unit under test (UUT).

ISO refers to certification as a “procedure by which a [neutral] third party gives written assurance that a product, process or service conforms to specified requirements.” This written assurance often comes in the form of a certification mark or label applied to a product or its documentation, and/or a listing in a publicly available registry.  OmniAir adheres to the ISO definition and conducts its device and system certification programs accordingly.

After OmniAir receives the fee – to set up the applicant in the OmniAir database – applicants are asked to send the product directly to an Omniair-accredited test lab. Once the lab test is completed, the lab sends the report to OmniAir for review. If warranted the device will receive an OmniAir-certificate with the number and be entered into the publicly available OmniAir-Certified online database.

DSRC-V2X Release 1 Conformance & Interoperability

An OmniAir Certified DSRC-V2X device has undergone bench and field testing to verify that test cases & protocol attributes follow standards and specifications developed and approved through OmniAir Certification Process and Working Groups for Conformance & Interoperability.  DSRC-V2X R1 callout is defined as:

  • IEEE 802.11:2012 (802.11p) Physical Layer (PHY) & MAC (Transmit & Receive, Power & Sensitivity)
  • IEEE 1609.2:2017 Security Services (BSMs and WSAs, Certificate Changes/Authentication)
  • IEEE 1609.3:2016 Network Services  (PSIDs/Data Rates/Power/Channels, WSMs, WSAs & IPv6)
  • IEEE 1609.4:2016 Multi-Channel Operations (Continuous & Alternating, Transmission Rates, WSMs & IPv6 packets)
  • SAE J2735:2016 Message Dictionary (BSMs for OBUs and BSMs(Rx), SPaT, MAP & TIMs for RSUs)
  • SAE J2945/1:2016 V2V Minimum Performance (Bench – BSM contents, Field Drive Test Attributes & Location Accuracy) for OBUs
  • USDOT FHWA-JPO-17-589:2017  RSU 4.1 (Packaging Environment Attributes, Data Logging, SNMP Commands, Time Source accuracy, SPaT/MAP/WSA Messaging, Immediate Forwarding / Store&Repeat) for RSUs

Certification process