OmniAir Consortium®, the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for ITS, tolling, and connected vehicles is launching a new certification program for C-V2X (LTE-V2X PC5) modules.

The OmniAir® Connected Vehicle Module Certification Program (CVMCP) that verifies the conformance of connected vehicle technology modules to industry-defined, standards-based, requirements. Certification is awarded to an applicant of a module that meets these requirements.

This new program builds on and expands OmniAir’s certification offerings for C-V2X-based connected vehicle technologies.  Earlier this year, OmniAir launched the world’s first program for C-V2X radios, including on-board units (OBU), roadside units (RSU).

“We are pleased to expand OmniAir’s certification offerings to include C-V2X modules,” said Jason Conley, Executive Director of OmniAir Consortium. “OmniAir is committed to continually developing and iterating certification options to meet the demands of the growing connected vehicle marketplace.”

OmniAir offers its members independent, third-party testing and certification through a network of accredited test laboratories, using qualified test equipment and validated test cases.

OmniAir Certification provides assurance that OmniAir Certified devices conform to industry standards, and meet minimal interoperability, security, and performance requirements.

For more information about OmniAir Certification programs, please contact Ryan Hall, Sr. Director of Business Development or visit our website at

About OmniAir Consortium

OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for ITS, Tolling, and Connected Automated Vehicles. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions, and independent test laboratories. Learn more about OmniAir at

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