OmniAir Consortium®, the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for ITS, tolling, and connected vehicles, will offer testing against OmniAir’s newly completed test cases for C-V2X radios during the OmniAir Global Plugfest, September 28 – October 15. These new test cases will form the basis for the world’s first comprehensive certification program for C-V2X (PC5) devices, which OmniAir plans to launch later this year.

“OmniAir® is committed to providing the same rigorous, independent, third-party testing and certification for C-V2X devices as we offer for other connected vehicle technologies,” said Jason Conley, Executive Director of OmniAir.  “This first-of-its-kind Global Plugfest is an important step toward ensuring that automotive OEMs and deploying agencies are able to rely on OmniAir Certified® C-V2X devices.”

Testing will be offered at six locations, spanning three continents, with labs in Asia, Europe, and North America. OmniAir technical staff and OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratories Bureau Veritas, DEKRA, SGS, and TTA are offering testing.  Participating device manufacturers will receive the benefit of testing with some of the world’s leading test vendors including Anritsu, Danlaw, Keysight, Nordsys, Rohde & Schwarz, S.E.A., Spirent, SwRI, Vector, and Wayties.

Five security certificate providers (Autocrypt, Blackberry, ESRCYPT, Integrity Security Services, and Microsec) will issue security certificates and will assist in security testing. In addition, OmniAir has partnered with the City of Austin to offer participants field testing in a live traffic environment.

V2X device makers Cohda Wireless, Commsignia, Danlaw, Hitachi, Lear, Savari, Siemens, and ITRI will be the first to have their C-V2X devices tested. OmniAir developed a set of over 300 test cases for C-V2X radios based off the following published and upcoming industry standards:

  • 3GPP 36-521 & 36-523 Radio Transmission and Reception
  • SAE J3161/1:2020 OBU LTE-V2X Communications
  • IEEE 1609.2:2017, 2a & 2b:2019 Security Services
  • IEEE 1609.2.1(CAMP):2020 SCMS & Certificates
  • IEEE 1609.3:2020 Network Services
  • IEEE 1609.4:2016 Multi-Channel Operations
  • SAE J2735 Message Decoding
  • SAE J2945/1:2020 V2V Minimum Performance
  • SAE J2945/1 & /1A:2020 BSM Checklist Driving Test
  • SAE J2945/1A:2020 BSM Min. Performance & Location Accuracy Field Testing
  • SAE J2735 SPAT per 783-OA-TSS&TP-SPAT
  • SAE J2735 MAP per 782-OA-TSS&TP-MAP

OmniAir Plugfest events provide unparalleled value and benefit to the entire Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) ecosystem.  It is not too late to register your device. Registration will remain open until Monday, September 21.

For more information about the Plugfest, as well as our technical workshop, please visit our website.

About OmniAir Consortium

OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification for ITS, tolling, and Connected Vehicles. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions, and independent test laboratories. Learn more about OmniAir at

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