Last week, OmniAir® members from across Europe, Asia, and North America gathered in sunny Florida for our 11th OmniAir Plugfest.

This Plugfest took place at an important moment for the connected vehicle industry–just one week after Federal Communications Commission’s granting of waivers that will allow initial C-V2X deployments in the United States.

Florida’s Secretary of Transportation Jared Perdue and Kapsch TraffiCom CEO Georg Kapsch offered keynote remarks at the Connected Mobility Workshop, held during Wednesday of the Plugfest.

Florida's Secretary of Transportation Jared Perdue
Kapsch TraffiCom CEO Georg Kapsch

Officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Florida Department of Transportation, and other deploying agencies were on hand to witness first-hand the comprehensive testing that C-V2X devices go through as part of the OmniAir Certification process.

Over 20 cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) radios and modules participated in a week of intensive lab, field, and security testing.

Participating C-V2X device manufacturers included:

AutoTalks, Cohda Wireless, Commsignia, Continental, Danlaw, Harman, Hitachi, HwaCom, iTtelecom, Iteris, Kapsch, Spoke, Unex, and Yunex Traffic.

Participating test stations included:

DEKRATTATÜV Rheinland Taiwan, the University of Florida Transportation InstituteKeysight Technologies/Nordsys, LeidosIterisS.E.A. DatentechnikNIWaytiesINTEGRITY Security ServicesMicrosecSaeSol Tech, and Blackberry.

Testing took place in laboratory and field test environments at the world-class SunTrax Test Facility, featuring a 2.25-mile oval test track, urban test environments, 18 garage bays, and extensive indoor testing space.

“OmniAir Plugfests are an important part of ensuring readiness of C-V2X radios and modules for deployment,” said Jason Conley, OmniAir’s Executive Director. “Thank you to SunTrax for hosting, and to our event partners at the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, and the University of Florida’s Transportation Institute for helping to make this the best, most comprehensive connected vehicle testing event yet.”

OmniAir continued to advance testing for Day One V2X safety applications, including: Pedestrian Conflict Warning (PCW) Red Light Violation Warning (RLVW), Transit Signal Priority (TSP), Curve Speed Warning (CSW), Emergency Electronic Brake Light, (EEBL).

In addition to testing, attendees had the opportunity to tour SunTrax facilities and to view demonstrations:

  1. V2X for Bicycle safety – Spoke and Audi
  2. Ghost BSMs and field application testing – Keysight 
  3. V2X for Emergency Vehicle Safety (CMV) – FHWA Saxton Labs
  4. V2X for Pedestrian Safety – University of Florida Transportation Institute

Since 2017, OmniAir Consortium® has hosted connected vehicle Plugfest testing events twice a year, to help vendors to prepare for certification and deployment.  Participating device manufacturers, test laboratories, test equipment providers, engineering firms, OEMs, and research institutions to test and learn in an open and cooperative environment. 

OmniAir will present aggregated and anonymized test results from the OmniAir Florida Plugfest during our next monthly membership meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 25.  

If you are interested in attending, please contact Berkenda Cantlo for an invitation.

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